What is a Christian marriage?

A Christian marriage brings together a biological man and a biological woman and binds them together as one. A Christian Marriage is even more profound because it invites Jesus Christ into the relationship, asking Him to be the source of all their blessings and to do what no human individual can do, to bind them together spiritually as one flesh, one soul, one spirit. 

Who may be married in the church? 

Saint David's Anglican Church leases a church building in Burbank. Those who desire to use the worship facilities for wedding ceremonies are requested to contact the Rector, Fr. Astor Yelangueuzian, by emailing or calling 818-846-8633. 

What must the couple do prior to the wedding ceremony?

Prior to any wedding ceremony performed in our church the couple must have at least 6 conferences or interviews with our Rector. These conferences are intended to prepare the couple for a true Christian union as intended by God. A marriage license of the County where the wedding will take place must be obtained by the couple at least 3 weeks prior to the ceremony. If either the bride or the groom have had a prior marriage and is now divorced, a special permission must be obtained from the Bishop of the Diocese of Western Anglicans. This must be discussed with our Rector at the first interview and time must be allowed to obtain the Bishop’s permission. 

Can Music be included in the wedding service?

Music arrangements must be cleared first by the Rector and then the worship leader. Since a wedding is a service of worship, use care in selecting music. The music should be consistent with the religious character of a Christian marriage. If a sound track is necessary for any part of the ceremony or for a soloist to sing, our sound operators are also available.

Who makes arrangements for flowers and candles?

Arrangements for flowers and candles are the responsibility of the couple. Aisle runners are not permitted. The Cross, Bible and candles must remain in position, and must not be covered or hidden. Altar flowers are not to be removed after the ceremony, they remain on the altar to the glory of God. Altar decorations are placed there by the members of Saint David’s Altar Guild only.

Can the wedding ceremony be photographed?

Photographs may not be taken during the ceremony. Flashlight photos may be taken during the procession of the couple into the church and at the time of their recession after the wedding. Photographs of the wedding party may be taken in the church after the ceremony is over. The same rules apply to video cameras.

Church Policy

Please advise your friends and guests that rice or confetti may not be thrown inside church properties or within Church grounds at any time. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED IN THE BUILDINGS. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT TO BE BROUGHT, SERVED, OR CONSUMED ANYWHERE ON THE PROPERTY.

How does one apply for a marriage service?  

In order to confirm a wedding date and time, a written and signed application and a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 must be submitted to the church office. Please email our Parish Administrator with your request. 

What are the costs involved?

Use of the Church - $300.00

Altar Guild - $200.00

Musicians - $150.00

Cleaning Services - $100.00 (church only)

                                  $150.00 (church & Fellowship Hall)

Sound - $150.00

Priest/Celebrant - $300.00

Use of Fellowship Hall/Kitchen - $300.00

Note: Prices quoted here are subject to change, and due to current COVID-19 Restrictions some services may not be applicable or may have changed. Please check with the Rector. 

Payment: The balance of all fees must be paid two weeks prior to the wedding. Checks should be payable to Saint David's Church. Please include all fees in one check.