the daily office


for Morning & Evening PRAYER

The Daily Office is one of the ways that Christians have prayed for centuries, The name comes from the Latin officium divinum meaning “divine duty or service.” Prayers are accompanied by Scripture readings from the Psalms, Old and New Testaments, and the Gospels. There are services for morning, noon, evening, and before bed.  

This prayer tradition finds its roots in the ancient Hebrew practice of prayer at fixed hours of the day. God originally commanded His people to offer daily sacrifices in the morning and evening (Exodus 29:38-29) and as time went on they began to follow Torah readings, Psalms, and hymns at fixed hours of the day. By the time of the Roman Empire, forum bells marked different intervals of the day for public functions, and Christians began to order their prayer life around these times. The practice continued through the centuries, being continually modified and condensed into the services we find in our Anglican Prayer book today.  

Many find that the Daily Office helps add a sense of regularity and balance to their prayer life, helping to center them in the morning before a busy day or calm and prepare them for the quiet hours of the night. Praying through the Daily Office is an enriching way that millions of Christians around the world practice daily devotions. 

The Complete 2019 Anglican Book of Common Prayer