How Are Christians Different? 

Perhaps we are not as different as you would imagine. We live in that same world – complex, fast and lonesome. We share many of the same struggles and difficulties. We have questions as well and at times are away from our families and our childhood friends. But, we have come to know that we are not alone. We know that God is always with us, as a loving and caring Father. We know that we are part of a much more extended family, the family of God’s children all over the world. This knowledge is what gives us faith and hope and certainty. The same faith and hope and certainty God offers you. 

What Do Christians Believe? 

We believe that all of the questions of life find an answer in God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has revealed Himself to the world as a God of love, compassion and moral integrity. He has demonstrated His great love for the human race in giving His only Son Jesus that through Him we might receive life eternal. We believe that part of this self revelation of God is found in the pages of the Bible. The Bible is a map to the presence of our Father, a map to be followed to receive abundant life here and now, for this life and for eternity.

What is the duty of all Christians? 

The duty of all Christians is to follow Christ; to come together every week for corporate worship; and to work, pray and give for the increase of the Kingdom of God.

How are members of Saint David’s expected to respond to this duty? 

In keeping with our mission statement - to live Jesus, to share Jesus, to teach Jesus, and to take Jesus to others in the power of the Holy Spirit – daily Bible reading, daily prayer, and daily acts of kindness are encouraged. Furthermore, spiritual formation through participation in small groups, through Christian education, or with a spiritual director are also encouraged. Corporate worship with the church family, stewardship of life by participation in pastoral care activity in the church, outreach projects in the community and world evangelism, and giving of material resources are expected. 

I’ve never belonged to any church before. How do I become a member of Saint David’s Church? 

If the reason you have not belonged to a church before is because you are not yet a Christian, then we would encourage you to continue attending Saint David’s and participating in any of our new believers small groups until you have had the opportunity to place your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are already a Christian, and have been baptized, then we would like to invite you to attend one of our quarterly New Members Class. You will then be introduced to our congregation as a New Member of Saint David’s. 

I have previously been a member of another church, but not an Anglican Church. I understand Saint David’s is an Anglican Church. What must I do to become a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion to which Saint David’s belongs? 

The first step is to become a member of Saint David’s Church (the local congregation) by following the steps outlined above. Once you have become a member of Saint David’s, then you will be invited to attend a Confirmation Class and you will be presented by the Rector to the Bishop when he visits. During Confirmation, you will reaffirm your faith before the Bishop, and he will lay hands on you and pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit to assist you in your Christian walk and ministry. You will then be a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion. 

What if I have already been confirmed in my previous Church. Do I need to be Confirmed again? 

No, in that case, after becoming a member of Saint David’s Church (the local church), instead of presenting you to our bishop for Confirmation, the Rector will present you to be Received into the Anglican Communion. You will still be asked to attend a Confirmation/Reception Class for instructions in Anglicanism. 

What if I am already an Anglican and want to become a member of Saint David’s Church. What must I do? 

We invite you to attend a New Members Class as explained above. At the end of the class we will ask your previous Anglican church to transfer you to Saint David’s Church. You are now a member of Saint David’s Church.