• "The Psalm on the Cross"

    Join us for a Lenten Book Study, every Wednesday night at 8:00pm through April 6, meeting for 1 hour both in person and on Zoom to discuss the book "The Psalm on the Cross" by the Rev. David H. Roseberry.  If you would like to join, please click on the photo to the left to send us a message,


    Our new 3-part Life Together Course begins on Sunday, January 9 at 12:30pm in the Community Room, and will also be offered through Zoom. In order to participate in the class, please register by clicking on the image. 


    This discipleship course will be a three-fold movement-- namely, Welcome, Shape and Send--that helps us orient ourselves into the life of God and His Kingdom.


    God welcomes us into His life,

    shapes us with His presence and

    sends us with His power.

    The first movement is the Welcome Class. Here we learn what it means for God to "welcome" us into His life. Please join us as we embark on this journey of what it means to be a Christian.